Yes, we buy any type of jewellery except watches. See our what we buy page for more information.

When we appraise your jewellery we consider a few factors.

Gold / Platinum:

  1. The price of gold / platinum per gram for the day you visit us.
  2. The carat content of the gold you wish to sell.
  3. The overall weight of the gold you are selling.

For Diamonds:

We buy diamonds based on the exchange rate and price per carat.

Other Jewellery:

We buy other jewellery based on appraisal. Any accompanying information (documentation) would be useful for appraisal.

Sydney Gold & Diamond Buyers offer both cash payments and EFT (electronic bank transfer). If you would prefer a different payment method, this can be arranged. Please contact us on 0403 702 230 to discuss.
At Sydney Gold & Diamond Buyers we will always give honest reliable advise. If we believe your jewellery may not be precious metal or stones we will advise you straight away.
It is advised to call ahead or fill in our online appointment request to be sure you are seen on time by our expert staff. Please call 0403 702 230 or fill in our appointment request form here.
If you are interested in selling your Gold, Platinum or Diamond Jewellery to Sydney Gold & Diamond Buyers you can call us on 0403 702 230, email or fill in an appointment request form here.
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